Right at the bottom of the forest, you will wake up with the chirping of birds, the scent of the newly watered grass, the soul-caressing warmth of calmness and peace, withdrawing plenty of oxygen to your lungs.

"Pyramid Park Orman", located right next to the forest, is built with inspiration from nature.

The last opportunity to get the clean forest air with the quality of Üç Piramit İnşaat and to own a villa at affordable prices!

We offer you a private living space where you find yourself in peace with a forest view that is close to the city and you can not get enough of it.

The walking track, which surrounds the project and creates a perfect union with nature, allows you to take your morning walks in the forest atmosphere without going far.

The wide glass surfaces used on the exterior allow the interiors to integrate with the landscape while hosting the forest in your home. At the same time, it allows you to make maximum use of daylight.

  • Private gardens for each villa and 1 + 1 apartments
  • Private parking for 2 cars for villas, one vehicle for 1 + 1 apartments
  • An amazing region with a forest around
  • Large landscape area with 15% base seating
  • The largest pool in the region
  • A covered, 2-meter wide walkway around the entire site
  • Lemon pines built like a half-meter wall around the site
  • 24-hour security and night vision security cameras
  • Camellias, playground, outdoor gym equipment