Yes, our story has changed!
While making this decision 3 years ago, we thought a lot about how to make a new start, but now we are glad we started this journey.
My wife and I were living in Istanbul. Tired of the city noise, we were tired of seeing the concrete pile. By making a radical decision, we decided to leave this huge city, where living conditions are very difficult and full of concrete and noisy, and come to the district of “Dalaman” in the province of Muğla. Our Story also changed completely at this point. Now instead of horn sounds, we listen to bird sounds from our window.
I had a house in Istanbul before coming to Dalaman. The fee was 500 TL. It was very difficult to get along with his pension in Istanbul conditions and life was limited. I decided to sell this house and sold it for 800,000 TL. I bought 4 houses from "Dalaman" with this money. I'm sitting in one of them myself. I rented the other 3. In addition to my 2,000 TL pension, I have a rental income of 4,000 TL from these apartments. With a budget of 6,000 TL, my wife and I are experiencing our second spring in “Dalaman” with its very easy living conditions and natural beauties.
We never had the opportunity to get to know different cultures and take a vacation in Istanbul due to the impossibility. Now, my wife and I visit historical and touristic places in the surrounding provinces such as Muğla, Antalya, Denizli, Aydın, Burdur and at the same time, we follow where there are festivals and discover new places and new cultures.

We choose a route for ourselves every weekend. Since Dalaman is a centrally located district, we have the opportunity to go to many places on a daily basis and this gives us the opportunity to explore more places. We visited Salda Lake, which is the deepest fresh water lake in Turkey with a depth of up to 184 meters in Burdur. This lake, which is called the Maldives of Turkey, fascinates you with its turquoise water and its white sands. Because it is a tectonic Crater lake, the water of Salda Lake is very rich in soda and magnesium. And the secret of that unique beach is again magnesium. You can set out from Dalaman in the morning and have a village breakfast on the road, and you can end the day by watching the sunset against the turquoise water on the white beach and return to your home.

And again, one of the places we have discovered is the lavender gardens of Isparta, where we can go on a daily basis. Imagine a village where lavender heaven, endless lavender fields, a peaceful place. Inhale the fragrant scent of lavender ... The dominant colors around are purple and even the door windows of the houses around them are painted purple. You can buy many products made from lavender. After capturing unforgettable photographs in lavender fields and immortalizing our day, we return to our house in Dalaman from Isparta by visiting Eğridir Lake and adding new memories to our saddlebag.

We continue our lives in the happiness of discovering new places every day. Of course, we turned our route to Aydın, which is among the most beautiful cities with its natural beauties and historical texture. A great place for those who love history and culture. Like many places in the Aegean, Aydın is very rich in terms of archaeological sites. Having a history of thousands of years, Aydın is a beauty that will take you to another world with its many historical and cultural remains, as it has hosted dozens of civilizations.
Our next stop is Denizli. Of course, we did not return without eating the tandoori kebab and visiting the shopping mall selling towel bathrobes. There are many things to discover in the region, which is a paradise in terms of history and nature tourism. Do not return without seeing the white natural wonder travertines in Pamukkale. If there are still those who are deprived of these unique beauties, I think you can come here to Dalaman before it's too late and discover these magnificent beauties by making day trips. We understood better when we came to Dalaman, there were so many places to visit and there was no opportunity for this in Istanbul.

We should have added Antalya, which is a tourism paradise, to our memories and we determined a route for the weekend. There are so many places to visit that we are already fascinated by Antalya. The magnificent Manavgat waterfall and the port city of Side in ancient times, the enchanting Düden waterfall that gives the feeling of amazon forests, the Kurşunlu waterfall, which is a fascinating place that attracts people with its tranquility where you can see every shade of green, which is a nature paradise, Kaş, Kalkan, famous for its many historical corners and touristic beaches. After visiting Kemer, Demre, Kaleköy and many other districts, do not pass without visiting the perched hill, which you can reach with a pleasant 10-minute cable car ride on your way back to Dalaman. It is a place where you can watch the Konyaaltı beach, the harbor and many other views, with plenty of oxygen, greenery, and enjoy your tea and coffee. On this hill, which resembles a bird's nest, you will be filled with peace while watching the blue tone as much as your eyes can get. Now I understand better how much beauty we were deprived of while living in Istanbul.

Giving a new direction to our lives and coming to Dalaman was the best decision I have ever made and I feel it with all my soul every day. Discovering new places every day and embracing the atmosphere there is the greatest value offered to us, being in touch with nature. While choosing Dalaman, its central location was the biggest plus for us. It was a great luxury to go back to our own home rather than stay in a hotel where we went. Muğla, the pearl of the Aegean, is the favorite of our country with its magnificent natural beauties, historical structure, world-famous beaches, magnificent bays and geographical location in world tourism, Bodrum, Datça, Göcek, Marmaris, Köyceğiz, Fethiye, Akyaka. Fortunately, my wife and I find the opportunity to experience these beauties every day. Wouldn't you like to come to Dalaman and change your story? We invite and wait for you all to get plenty of oxygen.

Why should we choose Dalaman? I want to give you an example. As it is known as the whole world, we are going through a difficult process. In our country, there is a curfew from time to time. My friends over the age of 65 in Istanbul cannot go out due to the age limit and they are bored between the four walls while sitting at home. He has to watch the empty pavements through the window and listen to the vehicle noises. Whereas, we take a walk on this beautiful and enormous site where we are sitting, in which everything is thought and where the living space is presented to us, on the walkway covered with greenery on all sides, covered with bougainvillea, and we sip our coffee in our balcony against the pool accompanied by bird sounds and the fragrances of flowers that open our mind. We even do our evening sports on the sports equipment in the site. While sitting in the camellia in our garden, where there is as much green space as possible, which offers us natural life with roses, honeysuckle, lemon pines and many plants at every step, I called my friends in Istanbul and introduced the site. They loved and enjoyed this atmosphere. Now, they will buy a house from the site where we live in order to sell their houses and be in touch with natural life. If they come, they will not be happy with us. After this difficult process, we will enjoy together at the pool and enjoy every moment. We will continue our history-smelling travels.

Do not delay any moment and time. Make the most of the beauties life offers us. There will be no other tomorrow and life, so you can make it all happen with a right decision like us, putting everything aside now. Do not delay the days that are in front of you, immerse yourself in nature and find that peace. We are waiting for everyone who is tired of seeing the concrete pile, tired of the chaos of the big city, and tired of the noise to Dalaman. We all deserve new stories.
Additive-free, natural and healthy flavors, orange gardens each side painted with the peace of orange and green, pomegranate gardens offering the splendor of red, unmatched fragrant lemon gardens, olive fields and turquoise sea that are the symbol of peace, the countryside with every shade of green, It is a great privilege for us to live in Dalaman, which gives us the chance to experience all the beauties of nature with its streets smelling of orange flowers, honeysuckle and lemon balm in every inch. Fortunately, we came and changed our story.

Yes, our story has changed too!
The calendars showed two years ago when I arrived home late in the evening tiredly and said to the lady, “Enough is enough, I'm tired of spending half of my day in traffic”. I was a new retired person, but I was quick to realize that it was not easy to get by on that salary. I had to find a job for the retired person and continue working without rest.
We talked for a long time that evening. In fact, we were not really living in the place where we lived as the big city, we were just clinging to life. The only view we could see from the window of our house, which we could work for a lifetime, was the roofs and smoky chimneys of the neighbors. Apart from the nest made by a couple of pigeons a few years ago, we had little to do with nature. Even the flowers on the balcony did not last more than a year. The poor birds did not even manage to take offspring from that nest.

Actually, the lady was right in her own right. She had worked and struggled for years she lived with the dream of traveling around the big city in retirement. The bazaar was going to visit the market, go to the movies and the theater. However, he was now aware that this would remain a dream in the economic conditions of the big city. We could only feed our profits with our pension. Moreover, we were only able to retire from the state for now.

I said;
Look, there is a word that I have known from the past but I could not understand. “Instead of being a little man in a big place, you should be a big man in a small place. “Let alone our spouse, friend, neighbor, there is not even a sparrow who is aware of our existence and comes to the window. We can change that. "Another life is possible."
He understood, but I guess he didn't want to surrender without resistance. Just in case, with the female instinct "I told you." He did not fail to prepare to be able to say.
"How will we see the children?"
“Let them think about it, too. Also, do they take us to the summer house as they go? Let's go and settle in the cottage. Thus, they come to us in the summer. We'll be together more. "
"When we are healthy, well, what do we do if we get older even more?"
"Dude, this is what you worry about, the horses will come on the plane."
“The big city you call an airplane, again noise, traffic and chaos again. What will change? "
“Now you were wrong. We settle in DALAMAN. It is our only county with an airport. There are flights every day. Five or six a day in the summer. "
"What do we do there, I don't know anyone."
“Well, if we are starting again, we choose the neighbors as well. Instead of obligatory neighboring with those in the same apartment here, we choose the people that fit our mind, we neighbors with what we want, and we travel and dust with what we want. "
He did not resist much. We put the house up for sale, we explained the situation to the children. Both for our health, and they will have liked the idea of ​​a free summer house, no objection was received. Keeping the price reasonable, it was easy for him to sell the house. A week later we got in our car and already arrived at DALAMAN. We didn't want an apartment. We looked at houses with gardens, estates with detached houses, boutique estates with pools. Within a week, we had already bought a house to live in and two flats to rent.

When we were looking for a house, they said; "If you came a year ago, you would buy another house for the same amount." You see, the number of people who think like us is increasing every year. The whole point is to dare. Instead of leaving his own life to the flow of time, he shows the courage to change according to his wishes.
The lady was not afraid. We saw that there are plenty of Istanbul fugitives like us around us. We never had any loneliness. They didn't make you feel alienated, thanks. Moreover, our husband and friend did not have that much. There were also those who left from Ankara, Izmir and Bursa and immigrated to Dalaman. There were even those who came to DALAMAN because of the heat of Antalya. We met, we were friends, we learned the environment. We have acquired an environment of our own peers. We started to share our life with happy people who got rid of work stress, who have seen life and who are looking for peace.
All the heavenly bays between Fethiye and Marmaris are within an hour's reach. You can even swim in three different places in a day. Eight months of summer climate, the days are long, the sun warms both body and soul. There is no traffic jam, no noise, no coat and coat problem. Yes, the comfort of natural gas is lacking, but the pleasure of returning to your childhood with a fireplace or a cooker is another. Anyway, all three or four months are needed. You know, if you avoid the air conditioner. Otherwise, an air conditioner is enough.

Spring is a separate feast. If you are among the pines, you wake up with the smell of orange and lemon flowers if you are neighbors of the forest and citrus gardens. Your lungs feast as you breathe in that fragrant abundant oxygen. When we first arrived they said; "Listen to your surroundings, everything is fresh and pure." At first, we could not understand, but then we understood. It is possible to reach natural eggs from the closest rooster sound, pure warm milk that has just been milked from a cow's bellowing, and cheese from the bleating of newborn lambs.
If you want to walk, follow a bee in your garden. It takes you to its hive by flying in a calm pace without sadness. After a few trips, you meet with its owner, and you will enjoy the pure honey.

If you love nature, you are much more enjoyable. It is also possible to collect the natural herbs, which are an important part of the Aegean cuisine, from everywhere. Bakla is planted here as the cows and the milk Versin. Mallow, sorrel, labada, borage, fennel are naturally available everywhere. Even capers grow on the roadside. Those who do not know what it does now learn for themselves.
When the boys came for the first time, the girl ordered lemon for the groom, it was late in the evening. He came and asked me where to sell the lemon at this hour. I said, "Get out of the garden door, on the opposite side of the road, three trees are full of lemons, two of them come and come." Then they learned that whenever you want, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, mulberries, plums, even watermelons are free for the right to see. We are together every summer.
Pets are also very cautious around here. Even stray dogs are sleeping in the middle of the road, if you press the horn, they will get up please. Chicks on the streets with their mother. Cats around here have learned not to touch them genetically. They don't even look. Last year, a friend's cat from Istanbul grabbed a chick from the street. There is no such thing here, we said keep the cat in. He looked and looked.

He said, "Does this chick have wings, does it have a beak. Does it have a beak? Does it say so cik, too? The bird is a friend. How can the Istanbul cat know, chick?" He is also the right cat of course. Nature is beautiful. You wake up with the sounds of roosters every day. Maybe you apply butter and eat your bread like the neighbor in the backyard does. The eggs are huge. Dark yellow inside. There is no chicken that does not roam around here. In fact, it seemed very different to me, the chickens don't even have cages. In the evenings, they all return to their own gardens and fly to the branches of any tree and spend the morning there. Even while walking around in your garden, you have to be careful among the tall grass. It is even possible to be rewarded with a couple of eggs left by your neighbor chicken who is too cold to go home. The milk is natural, the cheese is amazing. After we came here, we regained our first spiritual and then physical health. If your curiosity on the sea is more than just swimming, every opportunity the sea has to offer is still within an hour's distance. There are diving boats and diving schools, there are daily boats where you can go fishing by contracting with your friends, there is still the opportunity to find virgin bays special for that day, where you can take your car to the side of the road and enter the sea.

You know, there is a joke around lately;
"Friends life is good, but your money is exhausted. You are tired of it."
Believe it is not possible here. The cost of heating is short. And it is already cheap, there is no distinction between summer and winter clothes. Even cars don't have winter tires. Most of the kitchen needs are subject to production price from neighbor.

If you are interested in history, the cradle of civilization, the ancient city of PATARA, the shining star of the Datça peninsula, the ancient city of KNIDOS, XHANTOS, LETOONIA, KAUNOS. all at hand. Close to Ölüdeniz, KAYAKÖY on it looks like it was left as a living witness of recent history. Natural canyons, waterfalls, promenade places do not end with counting. We haven't finished yet.
It is no coincidence that dozens of civilizations that have settled in this region for thousands of years have chosen these places. The most recent historical example is the phrase "I promise you golden lands" when Mussolini addressed his people in the second world war. Those golden lands that he promised are the plains of DALAMAN and ORTACA. Two neighboring districts that have become parts of two different regions with the acceptance of DALAMAN tea as the border. DALAMAN is a paradise to live in the Mediterranean climate while breathing the Aegean air.

Let's come to their people. You don't feel like a stranger at all. Have you been familiar with a little Aegean dialect, no problem. They are very friendly and caring. They are in the typical tolerance and wealth of heart of Anatolian people, they share the abundance given by nature without reservation. They do not hesitate to show love and respect to everybody who comes to DALAMAN and to open their doors.
However, they still see you as a stranger. First of all, you have to make it clear that you are adopting living here. Of course, there is an easy way for it.
When do you wake up in the morning to the next-door neighbor or to the peasant you shop at the market, "What do you do?" If you say, you are from DALAMAN that day. Life is a door that is open to becoming more beautiful as fast as you adapt to the conditions.

What we mean by this short story is that;
Life is a blessing given to every person once. It is impossible to bring back anything but happy memories. Come here, live the rest of your life happily. Instead of being forced to catch up with the flowing life around you, choose your own pace of life. In this way, you will have the key of your life. As I told my lady at the very beginning.
"ANOTHER LIFE IS POSSIBLE" As long as you ask.