Make your dreams of moving to Aegean away from the stress and crowd in cities now without waiting for your retirement! Dalaman is the most accurate address for your dreams with its location, endless green fields, virgin nature, peaceful life, and heaven like beaches extending along the shore.

Are you tired of living in cities and worrying about getting somewhere in time? Does everything come down on you? Couldn’t you have a stress-free day? So what are you waiting for? Let yourself into the ease and peace of the Aegean; with its climate presenting you a 9-month summer, in its slowly flowing time, make a free life for yourself away from the noise in touch with nature. Start your day with the sweet air and famous local breakfast of the Aegean. Surrender yourself to the bright waters of the Aegean after passing through pathways accompanied by olive groves and orange and pomegranate gardens. In the evening, enjoy the famous Aegean dinner tables graced with delicious olive oil dishes, Aegean herbs, and seafood.

Living in Dalaman means to live at an enchanted geography combining all the beauties of the Aegean and Mediterranean. Dalaman is a unique vacation resort with its deep blue bays laced the west Mediterranean, embracing the green, historic texture bearing the traces from a number of civilization and still remaining standing, thermal springs that are rich in minerals and constitute sources of healing, forests hosting numerous wild animals, and Dalaman Brook vitalizing the whole West Mediterranean identified with the name of the brook.

Kapıdağ Peninsula, one of the haunts of the Blue Cruise between Sarsala and Hurmalı bays, is covered with fascinating bays, capes, and islands. Steepening and rising hills when proceeding towards inland are of provocatively lovely with rich historical ruins. Hurmalı Bay is followed by Gerenyatağı, Cemile, Göbün, Merdivenli, Kurşunlu, Hamam, Sarsala, and Sıralıbük bays. You could enjoy the sea at these bays, on the other hand you could get enough history by walking around the ancient port ruins.

Akça Burun, Güngörmez, Kurtoğlu, Kızılkuyruk, Kuyruk, Kara, Boz, Martin, and Topburnu, after Hurmalı Bay, are among the substantial capes of Kapıdağ Peninsula. Countless bays squeezed between the capes are waiting for you to enjoy the sun, sea, and green.

Dalaman is just next to various significant vacation resorts including Fethiye, Göcek, Dalyan, Köyceğiz, Marmariz, and Akyaka. You could readily embrace all the beauties of the Mediterranean and Aegean by just living in Dalaman. İztuzu Beach is only 20 km away, or the most distant one, Akyaka, is only 40 minutes away from Dalaman.

In Dalaman, combining the nature, sea, and history, the airport is of significant importance for the regional tourism. Other than tourism, it’s a reason for preference to those who want to live in Dalaman. Alongside being near to the vacation resorts in the Mediterranean and Aegean, Dalaman is too close to the big cities as well thanks to the airport! İstanbul is just 50 minutes away, and even in winter there are five rounds per day.

Dalaman is among the most productive lowlands of Muğla, Turkey, and the world. Dalaman’s mountain ranges garnished with pine and olive trees, large forests covered with sweetgum trees which are rare to the world, cool highlands with plenty of water, and lands suitable to grow hundreds of products constitute a life source for people. No matter if you cultivate your own land or purchase from villagers, enjoy the distinction of being on the most fertile lands of Turkey. Local bazaars decorated with various kinds of plants and herbs of the Aegean and the most natural products that are manufactured by villagers are waiting for you. Moreover they’re more affordable than those in big cities.

We are inviting you to Dalaman to explore the extraordinary nature of the magical geography, deep blue and bright sea, hidden bays, and peaceful life in the Aegean.