Dalaman, untouched nature, is rapidly Turkey's most popular tourist paradise of Mugla district positions with increasing population and property prices.
Many experts in the real estate sector, there is always the Dalaman list of recommendations for investment in real estate in Turkey is not in vain.

Half a meter to the garden walls, with garden landscape, children's playgrounds, sports fields, walkway and walkway gazebo, which delivers the projects it has made in Dalaman at the promised time, using the JET GROUT method in ground improvement by acting according to the changing earthquake regulations. Our three pyramids are the real estate brand that stands out by always standing behind the problems that occur in the houses we build by building a lemon tree, which is sensitive about this issue, in short, by creating living spaces. By building together, we win together.
We invite you to our profitable and reliable model within the scope of Owning a Flat with a Land Partnership or, in other words, with land sales.

By paying the land purchase price of the apartment you selected in the project to the Land Registry Directorate, you have purchased the land share. On the same day, we are signing the Construction Contract for the Floor at notary. According to this contract, you undertake to pay the construction costs on time and as the contractor we will complete the construction on time and according to the technical specifications.

Here, let's talk about how we pay attention to the sensitivity of payments. When buying the land, we calculate the payments we receive from you in a way that corresponds to the land price completely, and the last payment is made by deserving the remaining payment at the delivery of the houses, so that the subsequent interim payments will contribute to a part of the construction, so the whole system is based on giving your payments instantly with the land or construction. Therefore, no one comes to mind with a negative thought. Our friends who pay in advance know us very well, and by paying the entire payment in advance, they are both profitable and contribute to us. Prepayment discount is an early payment discount arising from early payment of both delivery and interim payments.

How the System Works;

First, we collect the reservations from you. When we reach a certain number, we negotiate with the plots we know before, give a deposit to get the title deed after 30/45 days and have our architect draw the drafts, and then we make a presentation to you. After you select the block and apartment numbers, we take the following example from you by the power of attorney and get a deposit to be deducted from the land down payment. We receive the remainder of the down payment 1-2 days before receiving the land deed. (Previously, we were getting the rest of the down payment on the day of the title deed, but because it was very complicated that day, we received it 1-2 days before the deed and notary contract were not completed on the same day.

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Project detailed files and sample notary agreement

Piramit Papatya 1 pdf download

Piramit Papatya 2 pdf download

Piramit Papatya 3 pdf download

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